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We would love to talk about working together on one of the most exciting projects in cycling, CINCH ELITE. This project is one that aims to create equality and opportunity while at the same time growing the sport, and its members, to consist of the diversity that mirrors our country.  

Simply put, we are addressing two key opportunity groups that the sport of cycling current lacks:

  1. Elite athletes, both women and men, who are lacking the resources to enter, and perform in the key races needed for them to progress to the top level of cycling. 
  2. Underserved individuals, both women and men, who can massively benefit from participation in the sport for health, well being, community, positive decision making, and direction, but cannot afford the cost of entry into the sport.   

In today’s world, a professionally run cycling organization that can successfully solve these problems TO CREATE equality and opportunity for those in need DOES NOT EXIST.  
WHY? Because it takes a lot of work to create it.  It requires years of experience on both ends of the sport; the entry into cycling to all the way to the Tour de France level.  It demands a special passion, strength, and energy to fight for these athletes.  It requires a proven system to follow to truly succeed. 

At our core, we fundamentally believe that inorder to be ELITE we are guided by five values:

  1. Empower the Underserved.
  2. Lead the Fight for Equality
  3. Institute Opportunity
  4. Transform Lives
  5. Execute Change

We have all of these requirements to succeed.  We are the best people for this job.  

I am sure you can hear our passion coming through and that is because we are passionate about this. 

If you are interested in learning more about the ways we can work together to improve cycling and the lives of many, please contact us here:

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