The Mission – A New Meaning of ELITE

Empower the Underserved.   Lead the Fight for Equality.    Institute Opportunity.
Transform Lives.       Execute Change.

Cycling gives its participants tremendous life skills along with numerous health benefits. Someone who is properly taught and coached in cycling can expect to see large positive impacts in their life. Some of these are considerable improvements are in: 

Physical and mental health                     


Problem-solving and goal-driven mentality                                            

The ability to overcome past and present fears/anxiety                              

Mental and physical toughness                        

Creation of opportunity                            

A process-driven lifestyle          

Work ethic                                                                

Tools for overcoming adversity

The foundation, process, and tools to empower the underserved and create real equality and opportunity are within the sport of cycling. We will accomplish this with a two-pronged approach consisting of a scholarship program that runs in conjunction with our ELITE Men’s and Women’s cycling team.

Through this program we will give youth and underserved cyclists the coaching, resource, and guidance to enter the sport of cycling. In parallel, we will run a women’s and men’s professional cycling team committed to coaching, mentoring, and inspiring the scholarship athletes. The scholarship athletes will be coached to progress from beginner to advanced. The top athletes, both women and men, who show the most dedication and progress will be selected to compete alongside the professional team at the USA’s largest cycling events. They will stay with the pro team at the races, recon the courses with them, sit in on all the meetings, and have professional-level support in their race. A life changing experience that as a new leader in their community, they can take back and continue to inspire others through our sustainable program.

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